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The right to vote is a privilege, but more than that, it is our obligation. God has allowed you and me to be born in the greatest nation on earth; a country founded on godly principles. Its founders used the Bible as their guide in writing our laws and constitution. Today, like never before, that foundation is being challenged and, in some places, being destroyed. Your vote this year is

Many view and compare church membership to that of a country club or a honored society, however church membership is best described as being that of a community. While membership is a secular term, community is very much so found within scripture. And it is within this context that we discover God’s vision for the church! Join us for a sermon series entitled, “I Am a Church Member,” where we will

“HO” – Hosea! Have you ever read the Old Testament prophet Hosea’s writings? Written in or around the eighth century BC it reads so much like the 21st Century we live in.  The book first describes the life of the prophet and second part of the book has the message for a wayward nation. Hosea’s unhappy home life depicted symbolically the state of affairs in his nation. Just as his

This morning around 10:45AM the neighboring city of Chattanooga fell victim to an unconscionable act.  Lives of innocent people who were busy with their every day activities of serving our country were assaulted. Living in the Bible belt it is easy to assume a sense of safe and secure surroundings. Today we were proven wrong. In a world that is out of control where sinful behavior is taking more and